How To Market Your Online Business

How Can SEO Help

SEO is a new trend for most businesses today. SEO, or the Search Engine Optimisation, is the way of increasing website traffics with the use of carefully planned keywords and titles. The use of SEO is rampant nowadays because it has proven its effectiveness in increasing revenue of businesses.

Why SEO is important

SEO experts in New Zealand gathered to form SEO companies to help businesses in boosting their sales. Aside from this, SEO experts also promised to drive more traffic to a business’ website, that includes ranking and analytics.

SEO is important so as to meet the business’ expectations in terms of profitability and online exposure. SEO has been a great impact on a business’ success.

SEO Products/Services

SEO does not focus on effective keywords and titles alone, like what we usually think of SEO. SEO companies in New Zealand offer much more than that. These are companies that offer SEO services in New Zealand:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Adwords Management
  • Web Copywriting
  • Reporting & CRO
  • Social Media Marketing

These services produce different kinds of results. When you choose a certain service, be sure that you already know what your business needs in order for you to get your expected outcome.

There is a great demand for SEO Specialists in New Zealand. With a great number of businesses who have never adapted to this new trend, surely, there’s a room for an SEO Specialist to extend their help. Here are the following in-demand SEO jobs in New Zealand:

In-house SEO

In-house and/or SEO agencies are composed of Directors of Search Marketing, Managers of Organic Search, SEO Leads, Campaign Managers, and SEO Specialists for links, content, and research. On an average, in-house SEO specialists are paid at a range of $45,000-$350,000, depending on the position and length of experience.

SEO Agencies

SEO agencies are composed of SEO Directors, a Search Marketing Consultants, Link

Builders, Content Writers, SEO Researchers, and Client Relations Coordinators. On an average, SEO agency employees are paid at a range of $35,000-$120,000 per year.

In-house SEO vs. SEO Agencies

There is a big difference in becoming whether an In-house SEO or an Agency SEO. In some cases, In-house SEO is more advantageous rather than SEO agencies, but there are also instances where going through an agency is more preferred over In-house SEO. Here is a clear comparison of the two options:


If you’re looking for someone who’s a call away, In-house SEO is the best. You would know that their goals are aligned with your business’ goals. Also, when speaking of branding, they will never have a hard time in doing such because all of their works and skills are solely focused on your business alone.


Looking for excellent skills? Then an SEO Agency is what you need. Since these SEO experts are working for other companies, their skills and knowledge on the job are enhanced. Therefore, you are ensured of the quality and the way they work.

Which one is right?

We cannot absolutely say that the former is better than the latter. A business should assess which of the choices seem to be more capable of doing the job, but with the least cost possible. Compare again the cost versus the benefit.