Steps to consider when hiring graphic designers

Business owners face a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right designers. It is because while most of the portfolios presented by potential graphic designers look great; they seldom deliver the goods.

It makes business owners understand that many things have to be considered other than just looking beyond the talent and portfolio of potential graphic designers.

Getting the right graphic designers might be difficult, but not impossible. Knowing some of the steps to consider enables a business owner to get the right one for his vision, values, and needs.

Hiring the right graphic designers is achieved by using the right steps, to include:

Know what you want

Knowing and understanding the core values of your product or services should be determined before you start your search for the right graphic designer. While some of the values may change along the way, knowing the unique beliefs of your business are the things that level up your business from the competition.

Ask their vision for the next five years

Some graphic designers might not be able to think that far. Some might give dishonest answers to impress you. Make them think harder by letting them list20 things they haven’t done yet but mean to do within 5 years. Letting them do this allows you to see if their values match the ones you have for your company or business. There’s no need to hire them if their values do not resonate with yours.

Ask the important things that matter to them

Ask potential designers about the things that matter most to them; things that they can’t live without. While the expected answers can be about family or money, designers that want to become a better person through learning and growing is the ideal one.

A graphic designer that knows what they want in life will be up to the task, no matter the challenges he/she meets along the way.

Create a fictitious ideal candidate

Create a fictitious ideal candidate that resonates with the vision and values of your business. Doing this allows you to envision the ideal graphic designer as you begin your interviews.

Ask questions unrelated to design

Asking potential graphic designers about their values, vision, and plans for their life rather than focusing on design. For instance, asking them if they are willing to change their designs at the last minute allows you to see if he/she is only there for the money than personal development.

Take time to visit their social media platforms

For sure, the social media platforms of graphic artists will show impressive artwork. However, it’s smarter to look beyond the pretty artwork. Take time to read the way they describe themselves on their social pages. The way they describe their work ethics provides a good way to gauge the way they work.

Dig deeper by knowing the other things they get involved in. Are they members of groups or networks that help them to grow into better persons or designers?

Hiring a graphic designer to create the vision and values of your business is another exciting chapter in the journey. Getting the right candidate on your first try becomes possible when you know the vision and values your business stands for. Let us help you achieve your business goals. Blizzard Graphics are graphic designers who can help you.