Finding the Right Technology Solicitor

How to Pick a Solicitor on Gold Coast

A solicitor is responsible for handling all the legal aspects of buying or selling property on your behalf. A good solicitor on the Gold Coast would help keep you updated and provide the right advice to make the legal proceeding easier and faster.

When buying a property the first thing you would be asked is the name of your solicitor. A solicitor is responsible for all of the following:

  • They will handle the buying or selling contract. From designing legal piece of paper which would prove you as the rightful owner of the property to everything which leads up to the process.
  • They will provide the necessary legal advice which would help you avoid confrontations
  • Help carry out searches in the local council
  • Deal with everything related to land registry
  • Help transfer the amount to and from your bank account

Solicitors are qualified legal advisors who offer a range of legal services.

How to find the right solicitor in Gold Coast

  • Take advice from people in your family or your friends. You could also ask someone in your business circle who has recently bought or sold a property.
  • A money lender or a mortgage broker would also be able to help you find the right solicitor
  • You may even find a solicitor with the help from an estate agent. They usually work in partnership with solicitors who specialize in helping people buy or sell property. But this could prove to be an expensive option
  • Most people benefit from online conveyancing as well. However, it should be kept in mind that a conveyer may not be able to help you in a difficult legal position and for that you need a professional lawyer
  • Before you hire a solicitor in gold coast you need to make sure that they belong to a law society
  • Get to know how they plan to charge you a fee. Whether they would go for fixed fee, charge an hourly rate or take a percentage from the property price

How do solicitors charge a fee?

The following is a breakdown of what a solicitor would include in their fee.

  • Searches carried out for a number of properties
  • Bank transfers
  • Charging a land registry fee
  • They would also charge you for stamp duty which is essential for properties over a certain dollars
  • They will charge you for postage duties and delivery charges
  • Any additional work which they might need to carry out if the legal process is bit more complex than usual

Communicating with your solicitor

It is essential to build a good communication with your solicitor. Make sure you are aware of all of the following

  • How can you contact them when the need arises
  • Would they allow you to keep track of how the purchase is coming along
  • Get to know if they take any holiday’s ad would they clash with your work?

Buying or selling a property is often a long and tedious process. Often you come across potential buyers who drop off during an agreement. This can be frustrating and even add up to the legal fee. However the right solicitor would help keep problems to a minimum.