Practical Logo Design Tips for Beginners

The logo of a company is the minimalist representation of its core competence. It should be concise, comprehensive and delivers the message perfectly about what the company and its services are about. As a logo designer, companies rely on your creative juices to build something phenomenal for them. So, if you are a logo designer, we’ve gathered here some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you work on making the logo.

Decide the Color Combo

For a company starting out or one looking to re-brand where you build from scratch, you have your entire color palette at your disposal. That in no way means you use all of it in logo design geelong. Pick two and at most three colors in your logo. Keep it simple and elegant. Make sure your logo stands out even when printed out in black and white.

One Size Fits All

Create your logo for multiple sizes since it will be used in a variety of places; from business cards to gigantic billboards, your logo should look perfect in all circumstances and all printed forms.

Stay 2D

As sophisticated as 3D designs look like, a 3D logo doesn’t add much value rather than making it look a bit too cluttered than needed. Keep your dimensions to 2 and it will work its magic nevertheless!

Don’t Overdo

You want the logo to seem simple yet deliver its message. Keep its orientation as standard as possible. Adding bevels, gradients, etc. everything that could limit the avenues in which your logo works out, is definitely not a good choice. Be creative and try to follow a minimalistic approach. Explore the trends in industry of the company you are working for. See concurring trends and you will find most logos actually are very simplistic in design and offer a lot of value as well.

Not so Photogenic


You might be inclined to import a picture and use it somewhere in your logo that you think works really well. It is generally not a good idea to include pictures in your logo. This sometimes causes you to compromise on quality. Try out your logo in a vector form to ensure it is re-sizable and reusable everywhere without a lost to quality. Having pictures in logos will be a hurdle here so better not to use them at all.

Negative Spaces

This is an interesting part of logo designing. You can use the spaces between texts on your logo to add more value to the logo itself. For instance, FedEx logo has a subtle rightward arrow that is made through the negative spaces. It is an innovative way of utilizing your negative spaces. Otherwise, they can be a bit problematic when the logo is used, for instance, on a darker or lighter background that the one it was originally intended for.